Vancouver, BC, August 7th, 2007 — It has been a summer of
industry accolade in both North America and abroad for Arc’teryx
Equipment, Inc. Recently received awards, collectively celebrating
great design, style and function, include the Fredrickshafen OutDoor
INDUSTRY AWARD (Silver), the ISPO Performance Award in hardgoods and
the Polartec? APEX Design Award.

全球先锋设计大奖 Global Pioneer Design Awards


[Origin of Establishment]

  Arc’teryx took home both the Fredrickshafen OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD
and the ISPO Performance Award after debuting the new R-320 rock harness
at the summer trade shows in Europe. Both awards dealt with stiff
competition among hundreds of international entries and a tough panel of
judges. However, in the end, the R-320 rock harness won over the
juries displaying beautiful integration of style, design and technical
innovation. One judge, writing for the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD panel,
noted: “This product changes the way we think about harnesses. Instead
of an uncomfortable, often poorly designed belt, here you have an
aesthetically pleASIng design
solution with perfect functionality.”


r –

Today there’re plenty varieties of design awards, so credibility,
specialty and authority have become increasingly declined. Hence, to
create China’s own “Red Dot Award” and “Pulitzer Prize” has become the
consensus in the design circle.

  On the home front, the fall 2007 Griffon Jacket and Hercules Hoody
recently won Polartec APEX Design Awards. Winners in this
CATegory are selected based on
style, function and fit of the garment as well as the most innovative
and appropriate uses of Polartec? fabrics.


  国内, 2007年秋季 Griffon 夹克和Hercules Hoody

Since 5 Cats Design News Network always promotes pioneer spirit and
credibility, it’s very meaningful for 5 Cats to convene and establish
the “Global Pioneer Design Awards” through communication and discussion
with the representative world renowned designers of the international
design circle. This award will select annual “Pioneer Design” works on a
global scale to inspire and encourage those outstanding designers, who
love design, persevere in their careers and are talented.


This award is named “Global Pioneer Design Awards” because it’s
established in China. It will start from China and extend to select
excellent designs all over the world along with its gradual development
in the future.

[Core Gist]


This award is aimed at selecting the annual design masterpieces with
most pioneering value from all over the world, set design examples with
advanced concepts, guide the international design trends, explore and
innovate the situation of design career in the present age.

[Value and Significance]


It means to focus on the international viewpoints, commend the
contributions the top designs did to the society and the designers who
became famous because of their outstanding design strength, and to
provide a high-end communication platform and opportunity to promote the
growth of art and enhance the commercial value for the designers in the
mean time.


Global Pioneer Design Awards will particularly manifest the exploratory
and practicality of designs and innovation of concept. It will lead the
new way of life; thereby promote the progress of design industry.

[Regulations of the Event]

名称:全球先锋设计大奖 Name: Global Pioneer Design Awards, English
abbreviation: GPDA

主办:全球先锋设计协会 Sponsor: Global Pioneer Design
Association,English abbreviation: GPDA

全球先锋设计大奖组委会 Global Pioneer Design Awards Committee,English
abbreviation: GPDAC

全球先锋设计协会的登记证号码(Certificate No.) HK.60777754-001-12-12-2


香港:香港干诺道中137-139号三台大厦12字楼全层12/F., San Toi
Building,137-139 Connaught Road Central,Hong Kong 电话: 2851 1312
传真: 2139 3217

深圳:深圳市龙华新区127陈设艺术产业园B702# 电话:0755-2956 1519、2956
1529 E-mail:www.5cats.cc@vip.126.comRoom 702, Block B, Industrial Zone
for Arts for Display, Number 127, Minzhi Street,Longhua New District,
Shenzhen Municipanity .

承办:5只猫设计新闻网 Organizer: 5 Cats Design News Network5 Cats Design
News Network

协办:深圳市五只猫文化传播有限公司 Co-sponsor: Shenzhen 5 Cats Culture &
Communication Co., Ltd.


Pioneer Design Awards will be held yearly; the review results of each
session will be published on September 19th of the same year; the award
ceremony will be held on December 22nd of the same year.

[Organizer and Rules]

全球先锋设计大奖:Global Pioneer Design Awards:

It’s initiated by Global Pioneer Design Association, an association
registered in Hong Kong. And it is an international event which is aimed
at encouraging and commending top designs and pioneering designs with
great talent on a global scale. The organizing committee and review
committee of Global Pioneer Design Awards are established with 5 Cats
Design News Network as its main body.



Global Pioneer Design Awards Organizing Committee: composed of specially
invited well-known figures in the design industry with 5 Cats Design
News Network as its main body. It’s responsible for soliciting
contributions, disseminating information, liaison, financial affairs and
preliminary assessment of Global Pioneer Design Awards.

Global Pioneer Design Awards Review Committee: composed of specially
invited famous design experts in the international design industry with
5 Cats Design News Network as its main body and executed by Global
Pioneer Design Awards Organizing Committee. It’s responsible for the
final review, adding up and publishing of the name list of Global
Pioneer Design Awards.

[Setting of awards]


  1. Student category: 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 5 bronze
    awards;Design projects or schemes done by students of colleges and
    institutes independently or under the guidance of their teachers.


  1. Commercial category: 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 5 bronze
    awards;All kinds of commercial spaces, such as various exclusive shops,
    retail stores, beauty salons, beauty centres and shopping malls.

3.餐厅组别:金奖1名、银奖2名、铜奖5名; 各种样式餐饮空间等。 3.
Restaurant category: 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 5 bronze
awards;Various styles of restaurants.


  1. Entertainment category: 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 5 bronze
    awards;Various styles of teahouse, cafes, music halls, bars, night
    clubs, etc.

5.样板房组别:金奖1名、银奖2名、铜奖5名; 各类房地产发展商展示居住空间。

  1. Model house category: 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 5 bronze
    awards;Various residential spaces exhibited by real estate developers.


  1. Hotel category: 1 gold award, 2 silver awards, 5 bronze awards;The
    entire hotel related facilities, such as various business hotels, metro
    hotels, resort hotels and hotels of special offers.

7.2013年度优异设计师组别 1名:在银奖以上类别共计18名参赛者中产生。共计
49个奖项。 7. 1 annual excellent designer of 2013: will be selected
within the 18 contestants above silver awards. There are 49 awards in

[Entry Method]

requirements: Completed projects from January of 2010 to March of 2013.
Student group could submit design schemes of projects.

参赛方式:Entry Method:

  1. Download and fill out “Application Form of the First Global Pioneer
    Design Awards in 2013” from the website of 5 Cats ()
    and send the materials by email before June 30th, 2013. The materials
    that shall be submitted include:

①按照要求填写完毕的报名申请表; ① The application form filled out in
accordance with the requirements;

②参赛作品图片(5-10幅图片;jpg格式;每张图片的精度不大于2兆); ②
Pictures of the entry (5 to 10 pictures; jpg format; the image precision
of each picture is not higher than 2 megabit);

③参赛作品的平面图(1-3幅图片;jpg格式;每张图片的精度不大于2兆); ③
Plan of the entry (1 to 3 pictures; jpg format; the image precision of
each picture is not higher than 2 megabit);

④ Effective contact information of the contestant (telephone number and
email address. The contestants are not required to note if they have got
any prizes or awards, or what prizes or awards have they got in the
materials submitted for fairness of the event. The professional judges
will score purely in accordance with the entries of the contestants.
Each contestant will get a number when entering the competition);

⑤大奖作品提交截止6月30日; ⑤Closing date for applications is
30th日期:2013年 June 2013.

⑥在获奖名单公布之后(2013年9月19日),向组委会补齐获奖者详细资料。 ⑥ The
award-winners shall complete their detailed information to the
Organizing Committee after the publishing of name list of award-winners
(September 19th, 2013).


  1. It’s allowed that the contestants enter the competition as a team.
    However, a team will be deemed to have equal qualifications as an
    individual contestant designer in the competition; it must not be
    changed that if the contestants enter the competition as individuals or
    a team after the submission of personal materials;


  1. Each contestant could submit more than one entry, but the entering
    materials containing the contents mentioned above should be submitted
    for each entry;


  1. The sponsor will check the format of the materials of entries and the
    entering materials that are incomplete, incorrect or don’t meet the
    entering requirements will be deemed invalid. The sponsor has the right
    to disqualify any entering qualifications of contestants who failed to
    submit complete entering materials or submitted entering materials that
    don’t meet the requirements of this regulation;


  1. The contestants shall choose the categories when submitting the
    entries. If the contestants could not determine or the functions of
    projects do not fall into any category, the Organizing Committee will
    determine if for them.

[Entry Fee]

1500元人民币/项目;学生80元/项目。 CNY 1500 Yuan/project; CNY 80
Yuan/project for students.

【根据各奖项的特点分别邀请该专业领域杰出的评委】 [Name List of
Judges] [Outstanding judges of the corresponding professional field
are invited according to the characteristics of each award]


Proposed Name List of Judges in 2013 专业评委【7组评委 共计8名】I
Professional judges [7 in total]

1.学生组别:专业评委 Danny Fang ; 1. Student category: professional
judge Danny Fang (Netherlands);

2.商业组别:专业评委Jeffrey Shaw; 2. Commercial category: professional
judge Jeffrey Shaw (Australia);

3.餐厅组别:专业评委Ashwini Deshpande; 3. Restaurant category:
professional judge Ashwini Deshpande ;

4.娱乐组别:专业评委Sarah Kenderdine; 4. Entertainment category:
professional judge Sarah Kenderdine (Hong Kong);

5.样板房组别:专业评委Thomas Dariel; 5. Model house category:
professional judge Thomas Dartel ;

6.酒店组别:专业评委Manuel Collado Arpia、Nacho Mart; 6. Hotel
category: professional judge Manuel Collado Arpia、Nacho Mart ;

7.优异设计师组别:专业评委Jurgen Bey。 7. Excellent designer category:
professional judge Jurgen Bey (Netherlands).

[Selection Process]

①参评:报名参赛的截止日期是2013年6月30日; ① Entering competition: the
closing date for entries is June 30th, 2013;

② Review: Global Pioneer Design Awards Organizing Committee will submit
the entries to the review experts in different countries by email from
July 1st, 2013 to August 31st, 2013. Each judge will review and score
the entries according to the design levels. The full marks are 10
points. The award-winners will be selected according to the scores;

③2013年9月19日,5只猫( ③ 5 Cats
( will publish the Name List of Award-winners on
September 19th, 2013.

[General Rule]

Rather go without than have something shoddy. Therefore, if the
professional judges of each design category think this award didn’t
reach the professional level of this award, such as gold award, silver
award, bronze award, or annual excellent designer award, this award may
be vacant; Global Pioneer Design Awards Organizing Committee regard the
situation above as a possible condition.

[Certification System]

7组评委签名体现在证书上; 中英双语;
获奖证书特别设计,证书模版预先在网站上展示。 The signatures of 7 judges
will be on the certificates; The certificates are Chinese-English
bilingual; The certificates are specially designed and their templates
will be displayed on the website in advance.

[Award Medals]

There is only one “Annual Excellent Designer” medal to be awarded this
year, which is hand-made from copper-nickel and very exquisite and

[Review Principles]

1.公平、公正、透明; 2.侧重作品前瞻性、先锋性、创新与创造精神;
3.专业性、权威性。 1. Fair, just and transparent; 2. Lay particular
emphasis on prospectiveness, pioneer spirit, innovative and creative
spirit of the works; 3. Professional and authoritative.

[Award Presentation Matters]

本次赛事不举办集体形式的颁奖典礼; There will not be an award
presentation ceremony of collective form for this event;

大奖组委会将负责快递获奖证书予参赛者; The Awards Organizing Committee
will be responsible for sending the award certificates to the
contestants by express delivery;

年度优异设计师奖获奖者将获得一枚国际评委签名的奖盘; The winner of
Annual Excellent Designer will get a medal with signatures of the judges
on it. (The medal will be sent to each judge for signature by global
express delivery);

The Awards Organizing Committee will escort this medal to the design
company of the winner and award it there or another place the winner
chooses, such as the site of the award-winning design project or other
memorable places. The award-winner shall submit the award presentation
place to Global Pioneer Design Awards Organizing Committee for approval
before October 19th and the medal will be awarded after that.

[Points for Attention]

1.主办方拥有参赛作品的版权免费使用权(用于5只猫网宣传展示等); 1. The
sponsor has the right to use the copyright of the entries free of charge
(e.g. for publicity and display of 5 Cats Network);


  1. The contestant is deemed to understand and accept all the publicity
    and display articles including this regulation and its explanations
    completely if he/she takes part in any part of or the whole competition;


  1. If other parties dispute about the intellectual property of the
    entries, the contestants shall deal with it on their own and bear all
    the legal liabilities. If the sponsor is involved in the dispute because
    of this, the contestants shall bear all the loss caused to the sponsor;

4.本大赛的解释权及修改权归主办方; 4. The sponsor has the power of
interpretation and revision of the award.

5.本规则自发布之日起生效。 5. These rules will come into effect on the
date of promulgation.

[Competition Hotline] 电邮:www.5cats.cc@vip.126.com
深圳:0755-2956 1519、138 2652 9437、132 4475 7025、136 9196 7316;
武汉:186 0275 5152; 徐州:186 0098 4499; 北京:158 1033 6159。
Email:www.5cats.cc@vip.126.com Shenzhen:0755-2956 1519、138 2652
9437、132 4475 7025、136 9196 7316; Wuhan:186 0275 5152; Xuzhou:186
0098 4499; Beijing:158 1033 6159。

[Watching Focus of the Event]


  1. The sponsor invites the high-level experts of the corresponding
    professional field in accordance with each award to select the winners.
    Therefore, it’s authoritative and targeted, and it makes the final
    award-winners have high watching focus;

2.国际级别的评委,设计水平高端,评选具备权威性; 2. Judges of
international level. Design level of high-end. Selection of great

3.屏蔽参赛者资料。获奖之后,用于宣传方面补齐获奖者资料予以5只猫网站。 3.
Shield the materials of the contestants. The award-winners complete the
materials for publicity of 5 Cats Network later.

[Publicity of Event]

1.5只猫设计新闻网主页动态图片,展示大奖赛评委的照片及个人简介等; 1.
Dynamic images on the home page of 5 Cats Design News Network to display
the judges’ photos and personal profiles of the award;

2.金奖获奖设计师也将出现在5只猫主页的动态图片进行展示及推荐等; 2. The
gold award winners will also be displayed and recommended in the dynamic
images on the home page of 5 Cats;

3.5只猫设计新闻网将对获得金奖的设计师进行系列专访; 3. 5 Cats Design
News Network will do a series of exclusive interviews of the designers
who won the gold awards;

4.5只猫设计新闻网的先锋频道,将同步进行参赛者参选作品的展示; 4. The
pioneering channel of 5 Cats Design News Network will display the
entries of the contestants at the same time;

5.5只猫设计新闻网将向其他媒体推荐、宣传、报导获奖设计师的设计作品等。 5.
5 Cats Design News Network will recommend, disseminate and report the
design works of the award-winning designers to other media.


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